It always seemed a little odd that there wasn’t an official Apple HomeKit app, but shortly that will no longer be an issue, because iOS 10 has an official HomeKit app baked in. The system makes setting up and operating a smart home as uncomplicated, uncluttered and welcoming as it possibly can be, writes Stuff editor Tom Parsons. The new iphone 7 released today comes with iOS 10.

Since last year, nearly 100 products have adopted HomeKit, he says.

For me it’s still the Philips Hue lights that stand at the top of the HomeKit line-up, but there’s not a lot I wouldn’t do to add a set of the awesome, motorised Lutron blinds to my setup. Next on my list is the Netatmo thermostat and newly announced, independently controllable radiator adapters, closely followed by a Schlage door lock. HomeKit-compatible smart cameras are on the way, too, and the new version of the Canary, called Canary Plus, is very appealing.

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