The Atlantic's Megan Garber shares the results of a state-by-state study by analytics firm Marchex, which examined over 4 million recorded calls to determine where the country's fastest—and slowest—talkers are located.

The company analyzed calls made between 2013 and 2015 to break down rate of speech, density, and silences. The recordings used were those that result from "this call may be recorded" lines. The speediest speakers are located in Oregon, followed by Minnesota and Massachusetts. Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina rank as the nations slowest-talkers, respectively.

In some sense, Marchex’s findings hew to cultural stereotypes. The fast-talkers are concentrated in the North; the slow-talkers are concentrated in the South. (Speed-speech-y Florida is an outlier whose fast-talking ways can likely be explained by both the state’s high concentration of Spanish speakers and the fact that many of its residents are transplants from faster-talking states.)

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