In an interview with inhabitat, architect Stuart Magruder talks about how construction techniques will necessarily be changed as California's net-zero mandate draws near.

A growing number of architects are considering sustainability and the environment in their designs, and luckily for them, building materials are evolving in tandem. Inhabitat recently covered mnmMOD, a standardized but customizable structurally insulated wall-panel designed by Santa Monica design studio Minarc. In addition to cutting construction time and cost, these reusable prefabricated panels contain recycled materials and minimize heat loss and gain for a low carbon footprint. mnmMOD left such of an impression on Stuart Magruder, former President of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the founder and principal of Studio Nova A Architects, that he chose to incorporate the panels into the renovation his own personal residence. Magruder, whose work includes the gorgeous Culver City Hill House, discusses sustainable architecture, environmentally conscious building practices, energy efficiency, mnmMOD, and the future of architecture with us below.

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