America's safest cities,

A safe city is one that exerts appeal to the young and the mobile, emerging adult households with good career prospects and eventual family plans. For that reason, safer metro areas crop up on the radars of land acquisition experts in residential development and home building organizations as highly desirable areas of focus., a real estate and personal financial services site, researched 200 metro areas, looking at violent crime data, as well as a number of other metrics, to identify and rank America's top 10 safest metro locales. Here, from Smartasset contributor Nick Wallace, is their topline findings:

The Bay Area is a safe area. Three Bay Area cities rank among the top 10 safest, led by Sunnyvale at number one. In general, cities in the Bay Area have low violent crime rates, low rates of drug use and relatively low rates of deadly traffic accidents. Texas too. Three of the top 11 safest U.S. cities and five of the top 25 are located in Texas. Places like McAllen and Frisco have some of the lowest violent crime rates in the U.S. The Northeast rates poorly. Zero cities in the northeast rank among the nation’s safest. In fact, SmartAsset’s analysis found that the safest city in the Northeast is Yonkers, New York, which ranked just 29th overall.

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