24/7 Wall St. staffers Sam Stebbins and Evan Comen reports on the top 25 thriving industries in America, and services for the elderly and disabled topped the list.

The employment growth since 2005 through last year has been reviewed to identify the thriving industries. Over the past decade health care and services for the elderly has been a thriving industry, employing about 19.8 million Americans. Another huge player is the energy and oil production industry, and five of the 25 fastest growing industries are oil related.

As the population aged, “more and more people became eligible for Medicare,” chief regional economist at the Bureau Martin Kohli said, a trend that is expected to continue. And older people need more medical attention. “The aging of the population is a big driver of health care spending, and health care spending is a big driver of job growth in health care.”

Employment in the oil and gas pipeline construction industry alone shot up nearly 90% — from roughly 72,000 workers in 2005 to slightly more than 136,000 workers in 2014.

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