Gallup staffer Frank Newport reports on the why Americans feel they do not have enough to do what they want daily.

Over a decade ago, 47% of Americans said they do not have enough time, now 48% of Americans are saying the same thing. Workers, people with children, and younger women has the most time pressure. About 61% of women younger than 50 do not have enough to do the things they want to do. 

Having young children also appears to be an important factor in Americans' perceptions of time pressure. Sixty-one percent of those with children younger than 18 say they do not have enough time, while 42% of those without young children report the same.

A recent Economist article posits that "time poverty" may be as much a result of perception as the reality of not having enough time. Gallup data, however, do not support the hypothesis that Americans' perceived time pressure has been increasing -- at least not based on the trends over the past 25 years.

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