Adults aged 30 and older are less happy than younger adults.

MarketWatch correspondent Catey Hill looks at new data from the General Social Survey, carried out by NORC at the University of Chicago, which has been tracking "happiness" among American adults since 1972.

The new data shows a tipping point: Americans aged 30 and older are less happy than they've been since the measuring started, while Americans younger than 30 are trending upward in well-being. What's more, the survey indicates that women are happier than men. Hill writes:

Women are slightly happier than men, the authors found — a finding that’s backed up by other research, including a worldwide survey by Gallup, which found that 40% of women were very happy, compared with only 34% of men. Researchers aren’t quite sure why this is, but the differences between the genders in terms of happiness tend to be fairly small. There has to be an opportunity related to this for home builders and community developers.

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