A report from Bankrate.com shows that 45% of all non-homeowners say their financial situation keeps them from buying a home, and 30% say that they cannot afford a down payment, in spite of the fact that down payments can be as low as 3%.

Housing Wire staffer Ben Lane taps analysis from Bankrate, who used Princeton Survey Research Associates International, to take the pulse of non-homeowners.

The survey also revealed that 44% of millennials say they don't want to own a home right now. The reality that more than half of millennials are under the age of 30 may have something to do with that statistic. Perhaps the most surprising result that came from the results of the survey was the number of middle-aged Americans that do not currently own a home:

More than 40% of middle-aged Americans don’t own a home, and 31% of those non-homeowners cite not being able to afford a down payment as the main reason.

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