“We need… more YIMBYs than NIMBYs”, says Housing Action Coalition’s Carl Guardino.

During the Economic Forecast Conference in Seattle last week, panelists Carl Guardino and Matt McIlwain discussed how the Puget Sound region, which is currently undergoing a tech boom, can avoid the soaring home prices and other negative outcomes of the San Francisco area, such as transportation, education and economic inequality issues.

The panelists cited the need for tech companies to engage with the community and provide innovation and support for its needs, including affordable housing.

"The challenge is we have a lot of folks who love to talk about the need for affordable homes, but will oppose it anywhere near them," Guardino said. "We need a lot more YIMBYs (yes in my backyard) than NIMBYs."

Guardino is a member of the Housing Action Coalition, a group which has advocated for affordable housing projects in Silicon Valley for 16 years, and opposed “NIMBY” groups in around 300 cases. About 250 of those cases have been victories for the HAC.

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