Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of the cities with the highest incoming and outgoing net migration over the last five years. Staffers Thomas c. Frohlich and Steven Peters take a look at these migration trends, pointing out that nine of the top 10 cities with the highest migration rates are in the South.

The highest net migration rate was seen in The Villages, Florida. But job availability appears to be a factor for other cities in the top-10:

The New York City metropolitan area alone lost a net of more than 700,000 people — the largest net migration loss of any U.S. metro. At the same time, southern cities such as Orlando, Atlanta, and Houston all gained at least a net 100,000 new residents.

The availability of jobs is perhaps the most important factor for Americans seeking to relocate. The national unemployment rate fell from 9.9% in April 2010 to 5.3% in July 2015, a 4.6 percentage point improvement. During the same time period, unemployment in seven of the 10 cities with the highest incoming domestic migration improved even more.

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