Tiny home, tiny home office too.

Houston Chronicle staffer Darla Guillen reports that, inspired by the growth of the "tiny homes" movement, new companies are constructing small, freestanding structures that mimic a homey, lounge environment that's completely separate from one's actual home.

To illustrate, Guillen spotlights Austin's Kanga Room Systems, a design firm that centers on what it calls "accessory structures" or stand-alone outdoor rooms. It caters to the homeowner looking for an art studio, a playhouse, a guest house or an onsite office. Guillen writes:

According to the company's website, a 12x14 studio — like some of the ones above—can be installed in about two weeks. In areas that don't require an electrical permit, some buildings can be completed in two to five days.

The standard costs for these "outdoor rooms" include construction and shipping. Some of the structures are built almost entirely at the company's Waco-based factory and delivered to the owner's site. Prices for each building vary — Dwellings are typically more expensive than cabins —and shipping charges range from $2.50 to $3.50 per mile for installation in Texas or nearby states.

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