EcoBuilding Pulse contributor Dian Zhang profiles a new development of prefabricated, low-impact homes from Miami-based Green Magic Homes. The Green Magic homes are made of prefab vaulted panels composed of composite laminate materials, confined laterally by walls in reinforced soil. The company says that a the design of the home helps prevent UV radiation and climate meteorological effects on the home, which makes it more energy efficient and adaptable to any kind of topography. The homes come in nine different floor plans ranging from studios, to around 1,900-square feet, four-bedroom homes.

By combining natural elements with the space-age technology of composite materials, the plant-covered homes have high quality water-proofing. The inner shell of the modular structure is strong, light, and water-resistant, and the soil (which creates the outer shell) collaborates well with the vaulted geometry of the homes. The flexible design of the structure provides customers the option to expand their living space later on if they wish, by adding additional modules. Construction time for the homes is impressive--it usually takes three people to assemble the structure in three days, without special skills or heavy equipment.

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