WIRED's Margaret Rhodes takes a look at the very niche subject landscape photographer Brad Temkin has been photographing for the past seven years—green rooftops in urban cities.

In 2009, an NPR story about a (then) new initiative to begin planting green roofs across Chicago piqued Temkin's interest, and he has since captured hundreds of urban green roofs in over a dozen cities, many of which can be found in his new book called Rooftop.

Temkin is now focused on specifically documenting green roofs atop corporate and institutional buildings, which are generally installed to mitigate issues such as poor insulation or stormwater runoff.

“I started looking into green roofs, and realized what they were meant to do was fix our folly,” Temkin says. Cities, he explains, are artificial structures built atop the natural world. When those structures start to harm the environment, we try to make things better—not by knocking down the buildings, but by putting more nature on top of them. 

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