Technological visionaries see a world where more and more people are put out of work due to the rise of the machine. In order to combat what could be a startling number of unemployed people, Silicon Valley believes there should be a universal basic income (U.B.I.). Business Day columnists Eduardo Porter and Farad Manjoo offer their opinions the U.B.I.

Porter voices his concern that current numbers don’t support this future:

A problem I have with the idea of a universal basic that it relies on an unlikely future. It’s not a future with a lot of crummy work for low pay, but essentially a future with little or no paid work at all.

Conversely, Farhad Manjoo has a more positive understanding of the universal basic income:

People could have long stretches of not working at all — and U.B.I. is alone among proposals that would allow you to get a subsidy even if you’re not working at all.

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