Located in southern Spain where the sun can get scorching hot in the summer months, this cave home provides some cool shelter. The home was created with a curved concrete shell packed with insulation. The zinc cladding covering the facade was hand-made and hand-placed, and ultimately gave the building a scale-like appearance.

In particularly special to the home is the 15.7-inch air cavity built between the walls and the cliff that stores cool air. Using an HVAC system to control the amount of airflow from the cavity, the home maintains an average temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Builders refrained from using machinery when possible and relied on laborers to build a majority of the home, reducing carbon footprint and increasing economic opportunity for local workers.

The home features a large open plan living and dining area, which opens onto a cantilevered terrace. The two bedrooms are located on the second story of the home. Being partially set in a cave, the home also does not require any type of internal support columns or walls, and the architects decided to leave the space open as much as possible, resulting in a living are that can hold up to 70 people. All the furniture is also quite unique and was produced on-site out of fiberglass and polyester resin.

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