Home buyers can do any number of things that drive realtors crazy. Realtor.com's Angela Colley narrowed down the list of annoyances to seven things that can sabotage a buyer's hopes of getting the home of their dreams.

Here's the first issue Colley identified:

1. Caring too much about aesthetics

Your real estate agent is happy to show you as many houses as you want—she just wishes you’d see beauty is only skin-deep (and very often totally fixable!) when it comes to real estate.

Many buyers get caught up in how a house looks right now. And if it looks dirty, outdated, or in need of small repairs, you might be tempted to run. After all, how much is all that going to cost anyway?

Not much, sometimes.

“I’ve had clients see some marks on a wall and a stain on the carpet and say, ‘This home needs $50,000 worth of work.’ That’s not anywhere close to the renovations needed,” says Joshua Jarvis, owner of Jarvis Team Reality in Brookhaven, GA.

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