For the tech-crazed, CES is all about virtual reality and futuristic car concepts. But for most people, it's the technology that's about to change their day-to-day lives that matter most. 

Chris Morris, a writer for Fortune magazine, outlines the top six home appliances to come out of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Of the six, three could definitely find their way into your next build:

Samsung showed off its Smart Fridge (scheduled to hit the market in May), equipped with a digital camera to monitor inventory and identify spoilage risks, and advanced humidity and temperature settings that can be controlled remotely. The 21-inch tablet on the exterior door shows off seasonal recipes, gives a weather report, and tells you the morning news. 

Whirlpool drew attention with its new Smart Top-Load Washer/Dryer - but not necessarily for its tech advancement. The washer promotes widespread philanthropy by allowing homeowners to donate a small amount to Habitat for Humanity with every load of wash.

LG also debuted its new dishwasher, which was designed with three configurable racks so that large bowl or misshaped baking dish can fit perfectly. It also comes with a digital camera that tracks where the machine has already washed, reducing water spots and decreasing excess water use. Maybe the biggest benefit - the washer completes a full load in under an hour.

The three other tech Morris covers include Gourmia's Robotic Cooker, LG's Hom-Bot Turbo+ smart vaccuum, and the Haier R2D2 Refridgerator that can bring you your six pack from a galaxy far, far away (or maybe just the kitchen). 

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