Where local U.S. economies are hot, and where they're not.

CityLab staffer Tanvi Misra taps the master maps of howmuch.net, which has built a map to provide a 3D visualization of the GDP growth by metropolitan area, with data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The numbers showed that GDP grew in 282 of the 381 metropolitan areas. This growth was fueled by a number of industry groups led by professional and business services, wholesale and retail trade, finance, insurance and real estate. Here are howmuch.net notes on the top five performers:

  • Midland, TX had the highest GDP growth for any metropolitan area in the country at 24.1%. 
  • Another Texas metro area, San Angelo, came in second with 11.4% GDP growth. San Angelo had 1.85% growth in durable goods manufacturing and 1.09% growth in professional services. 
  • Lake Charles, LA came in third with 10.3% GDP growth. Lake Charles saw growth of 3.76% in the construction industry. 
  • Greeley, CO was fourth in GDP growth at 9.9% with 3.65% growth in natural resources and mining. 
  • Wheeling, WV rounded out the top five with 9.5% growth. Wheeling saw 7.93% growth from natural resources and mining.
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