Forbes contributor William P. Barrett presents the best cities to follow your passions in retirement with this "chase-your-bliss" list of the 25 places to enjoy the best leisure time. With 31% of people citing their reason for retiring as having activities they wanted more time for, the activities in these cities revolve around a range of categories such as arts, fine dining, lifelong learning, volunteering, outdoor activities on water, outdoor activities on land, and the sub-category of golf.

Barrett describes some of the list's highlights:

While most of the places on our list are noteworthy for three or more passions, two cities–Austin, Tex., and Seattle–rate high in six of our seven categories. At the other extreme, Bend, Ore. stands out for just one thing–outdoor land activities–and Pinehurst, N.C. for golf. But oh, does Pinehurst have golf; there are 40 courses beyond Pinehurst Resort, plus golf schools. Traverse City, Mich. made our list by scoring in just two categories: outdoor water activities and cultural offerings at the nearby Interlochen Academy of the Arts, which hosts a remarkable 600 events a year.

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