We've all been waiting for smart home technology to really take off, but it looks like this year could truly be it. 

According to a recent Smart Home Marketplace Survey from Coldwell Banker, 45% of Americans plan to buy or invest in smart home technology this year. In addition, of homeowners who said they would purchase or install these products, 65% would pay $1,500 or more and 40% said they'd pay more than $3,000. 

The real estate firm also surveyed home buyers' interest in the technology. The results?

  • When asked about the types of pre-installed smart home technology that would be most appealing if they were buying a home, most Americans said smart security (58 percent) and temperature (56 percent).

  • The least popular types of smart home technology to home buyers are smart appliances (e.g., smart refrigerators, washers and dryers at 34 percent) and entertainment (29 percent).

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