By analyzing 150 of the largest U.S. metros based on 12 different factors, WalletHub determined the cities that are best for "wallet wellness", where consumers have responsible spending habits and where the local dynamics promote wealth create and upward mobility. 

Gilbert, Ariz., came in at No. 1 on the list, followed by Fremont, Calif., Plano, Texas, Chandler, Ariz., and Overland Park, Kan., in the top five spots, but cities such as Hialeah, Fla., Miami, and Brownsville, Texas fell to the bottom of the list. 

Gilbert, Ariz., has the highest median household income (based on the cost of living), a paycheck that is four times higher than that of Cleveland. Detroit and three Texas cities make the top five list for most affordable housing, compared to three California cities with the most expensive options. 

Check out WalletHub's full ranking to see which cities are the best and worst for other factors such as foreclosure rates, average credit scores, homeownership rates, and well-being indexes. 

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