American jobs in 2015, the "brightest spot" in our economy.

Former New York Times staffer Steven Ratner looks at jobs, productivity, wage inertia, inequality, interest rates, politics and guns.

Ratner runs the numbers, plots the graphs, and lets the stats tell the story, such as this one, which he notes is the brightest spot in our economy:

The Great American Job Machine, which is projected to churn out 2.5 million new jobs in 2015, the second highest total since the financial crisis. As a result, the unemployment rate fell to 5 percent in November from 5.7 percent at the start of the year. Most of the job growth occurred in services, categories that include education, health, leisure, retailing and even finance. Meanwhile, global competition and a strong dollar held growth in manufacturing employment to a mere 17,000 jobs. So much for the renaissance of the American factory.

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