A startup's location can have a major impact on its success, from getting face-to-face meetings with potential investors to affording rent long enough to get some traction. In certain cities, startup can benefit from a thriving startup-friendly ecosystem with access to capital, talents, and other entrepreneurs. While New York and San Francisco are not affordable to anyone, there can be some other choices to go with.  Datafox's staffer Anisha Sekar crunches the numbers on over 12,000 pre-Series A companies in the database and locates the best cities to found a startup.

The study also shows that higher-educational institutions--such as MIT in Cambridge, Mass., and Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pa.,--can be a great catalyst for early-state startups. In addition, a strong, centralized community--especially in sparsely populated areas--can be key to success.

The top 15 cities for startups are: Cambridge, Mass., Santa Monica, Calif., Fayetteville, Ark., Boulder, Colo., Wilmington, Del, Pittsburgh, pa., Atlanta, Ga., Scottsdale, Ariz., St. Louis, Mo., Durham, N.C., Cleveland, Ohio, Salt Lake City, Utah, Austin, Texas, Seattle, Wash., and Providence, R.I.

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