Last week, plans were revealed for the construction of the tallest building in the world--the Iraqi skyscraper called The Bride. This week project planners revealed plans for the new tallest building in the city of London.

Iconic construction of this scale always has a risk to it, so the editors at Your Trade Base have created an infographic visualizing some of the most dangerous construction projects in history.

It features 13 of the world’s most famous construction projects, highlighting surprising death tolls and what caused these fatalities. For example:
--25,000 people died while building Panama Canal due to extremely hot/ humid working conditions, tropical diseases and falling or being crushed to death.
--30,000 people died while building Aswan Dam in Egypt. This was due to falling rocks, limited concern for safety and no barriers to the construction sites.

Luckily, today's construction sites are much safer!

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