POPSUGAR Tech takes a closer look at 12 of the latest smart-home products, and predicts the era of futuristic appliances that were once a far-off fantasy depicted in cartoons like The Jetsons isn't very far off. 

These 12 products range from a video system that allows users to monitor their pets from afar, to a "smart-pot" that attaches a water bottle to a blue-tooth enabled flower pot to intuitively release the ideal amount of water into the pot for a specific plant. 

One item, a wearable, gesture-controlled ring, can open your curtains, turn on your television, and even hail an Uber with the swipe of your hand.

We never thought we'd be fascinated by a washing machine. LG's new TWIN Wash System has a second washer beneath the main machine, which means you can do two loads at once. That's right — colors and whites or towels and delicates can be tumbled at the same time. It's also connected to WiFi, so you can start your load while you're across town and receive notifications when your clothes are ready for the dryer.

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