Barry Cinnamon, of Spice Solar, breaks down his 10 predictions for rooftop solar in 2016 for Greentech Media — he feels it will be a big year for the energy-efficient tool. 

There are some new features that you can expect to see during the New Year, he says, such as a focus on steadier and sustainable growth and more system financing for homeowners. Also, product differentiation will be more important than ever.

The rooftop solar industry will focus on steadier, more sustainable growth. Ironically, this means that customer demand in 2016 with the ITC extension will be slightly less than we expected demand to be in 2016 without the extension. With no incentive cliff to use as a closing tool, we need to recalibrate our 2016 sales expectations. Indeed, a quick look at GTM’s forecasts indicates about a 300-megawatt drop in residential demand between the two scenarios -- but steadier growth in subsequent years.

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