The average income for the top 1% in America is 1.15 million while the the average income for everyone else is only $45,500. MarketWatch staffer Catey Hill takes a look at this income inequality and the places in America that have the largest gaps between the 1% and the other 99%.

The largest income inequality gap is in Teton, Wyoming where the 1% makes 233 times more than everyone else, followed by Lasalle, Texas where they only make 125.6 times more:

There are some anomalies that skew the figures, however. Teton, Wyo., which has the highest income inequality in America, is a vacation spot (it contains the Jackson Hole ski area where many ultra-affluent people own homes). Many of the other counties where income inequality was highest tend to be in states where income inequality is also highest, such as New York, Connecticut and Texas

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