Millennials are maturing. As they grow to a certain age to live on their own and buy a property, they also have become the majority of the U.S. workforce. Compared with previous generations, millennials are more creative, more vocal, and--to some degree--more unpredictable. Baltimore Sun contributor Erin Heilman offers a millennial's perspective on one phenomenon, known widely as "entitlement."

"So, when you tell me I can't work from home; when you tell me I can't have more time off; when you tell me I'll only be allowed six weeks of unpaid maternity leave, I'll tell you good-bye. Because when I grew up, people told me I could be anything. They told me I didn't have to settle for "good enough." They told me that there are many opportunities out there, and if I leave a job, another job will be waiting for me where I can be better and stronger.

These are the reasons why I left your company. You view me as difficult, I say I am uncompromising. Maybe you think I am not dedicated because I prefer to go home to my family by 5 p.m. I say I put my family first. The world is changing — not slowly, but quickly."

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