WalletHub's John S. Kiernan dives into financial literacy data in each of the 50 states and District of Columbia, and points out states with the best sense in terms of financial aptitude. Kiernan writes,

"Since the beginning of 2012, we’ve collectively racked up roughly $153 billion in new credit-card debt, unsurprising given that only two in five adults actually have a budget. Ultimately, there’s really no shortage of statistics that one can quote to illustrate our money-management shortcomings — from the 20 percent of Americans who spend more than they make to the 54 percent of folks who don’t have a rainy-day fund. But where are the problems most pronounced, and which areas are taking the necessary measures to foster a financially prosperous future?

That’s what WalletHub sought to discover by analyzing financial education programs and consumer habits — combined with the results of WalletHub’s proprietary WalletLiteracy Survey — in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our data set consists of 12 key metrics, ranging from Champlain University’s High School Financial Literacy Grades to the percentage of residents with a rainy-day fund."

The top-10 financially literate states in the U.S. are: New Hampshire, Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Maine, Florida, Utah, New York, and Virginia.

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