Incomes in the U.S. grew 1% from fourth quarter 2015 to first quarter 2016, but that growth wasn't spread evenly across the states. Changes in personal incomes in every state ranged between 1.5% and -1.3%.

The Wall Street Journal broke down the numbers for all 50 states and District of Columbia. At the top was Washington, with a 1.5% income increase largely due to the influx of tech jobs and employee stock payouts. Maine, Michigan, Utah, and Massachusetts also saw strong years with growth at 1.3% or more. Maine and Michigan's boosts likely came from the growing construction and manufacturing industries, while Massachusetts was propped up by the healthcare industry.

North Dakota and Wyoming were the only two states to see a decline in personal income at .3% and 1.3%, respectively, which Eric Morath attributes to the 4.4% fall in mining earnings.

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