The only major source of income for a third of retirees is Social Security, and January 2016's average monthly payment of $1,341 is not enough to cover all of a person's expenses in many major metros. U.S. News & World Report staffer Emily Brandon takes a look at the 10 cities where retirees can pay their major bills and enjoy a high quality of life as well.

One of the cities where this is a possibility is Boise, Idaho:

Idaho’s state capital has plenty of affordable housing, costing retirees with a paid-off home a median of just $351 per month. For that low housing cost, retirees have access to a variety of amenities and entertainment. Idaho residents age 60 or older can register for classes at Boise State University for the bargain rate of $5 per credit hour (plus a $20 registration fee per semester).

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