IF YOU'VE BEEN TO BUILDER ONLINE lately, you're in good (and large) company: More than 105,000 unique users visited BUILDER Online last month.

We have site-tracking software that gives us the raw numbers for visitors, page views, user sessions, and the like, which also shows us where you've been in the aggregate. But it doesn't tell us the all-important information about what features on the site you find most useful—and, of equal importance, what you'd like to see on BUILDER Online in the future.

And that's why we're looking for your input, via a simple online survey that's up and running on BUILDER Online right now.

HELP US IMPROVE BUILDER ONLINE Our online survey asks a series of questions—some of which have options for you to choose, and some of which are open-ended—that will help us shape the future of BUILDER Online.

We're looking for data on how often you use the site, what features you find the most valuable, what you think of the design and ease of navigation, and how you use the information in running your business.

We also are looking for your input on what new features you'd find most valuable, to help us plan on what improvements we should roll out in the coming months.

Of course, what you don't like about the Web site is as important as what you do like. If there are better ways of presenting the information so that it's easier to find and use, we want to know about that as well.

All of your replies will be used in the strictest confidence.

You can find a link to the survey on the home page of BUILDER Online (www.builderonline .com), or you can type this URL into your browser's address window: www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=900731249196.

And we're equally happy to hear from you directly. Feel free to send questions or comments about BUILDER Online anytime to e-Media Editorial Director John Butterfield at jbutterfield@hanleywood .com. We look forward to hearing from you—and thanks in advance for your help in improving BUILDER Online.