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Jimmy Carter helped out at a Habitat for Humanity build less than a week after robbers held eight of the construction workers at gunpoint [San Jose Mercury] |<Tweet This>

The most and least affected states by the Federal shutdown [24/7 Wall St.] |<Tweet This>

Home foreclosures rise in August [24/7 Wall St.] |<Tweet This>

Americans' confidence in economy is down [Calculated Risk] |<Tweet This>

Sales: Use the 80/20 rules to find your best customers [Entrepreneur] |<Tweet This>

Mortgage applications see slight increase [Housingwire] |<Tweet This>

Turns out we aren't that good at math...or vocabulary...or technology [The Atlantic] |<Tweet This>

Are the days of the college dorm mini-fridge numbered? LEED could be the reason [The Atlantic Cities] |<Tweet This>

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