VIA International wants to become the go-to company for luxury home technology systems. Merging six home technology firms to form the largest firm of its kind in North America isn’t a bad start.

Cyber Sound recently merged with DSI Entertainment Systems, Engineered Environments, Paragon Technology Group LLC, S3 Aurant, and Studio AV. The firms have a combined revenue of $66 million in 2012 and are projected to be at $73 million in 2013.

"Our goal is one point of contact for home systems," VIA CEO and founding partner Randy Stearns told Business Journal's Hayley Ringle.

The home systems involve home theater, home audio, media rooms, security, lighting controls, energy monitoring, and more. All of these capabilities are able to be controlled and monitored through an app.

If this merger sounds familiar, then you are probably remembering Signature Media Group’s formation 10 years ago. CEPro’s Julie Jacobson predicts that VIA will learn from SMG’s mistakes and break out as the first national high-end home tech installation company.

Stearns was part of SMG and says that they made a “significant investment” in outside help in the form of experts to guide the merger.

“We realized we’re all really busy,” Sterns told CEPro. We didn’t have the time and expertise to pull off a merger ourselves.”

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