The Corky McMillin Cos. in San Diego says it saves roughly $250,000 a year on the salaries, benefits, and overhead on 2.5 accounting personnel by using TSC Solutions' TrueLine Billing Module. TrueLine consolidates the bills its five general contractors send to the company's 75 to 80 land development companies.

Kathrine Foster, the company's vice president of accounting, says roughly 2.5 accounting people used to spend 700 working hours a month retyping billing information into Excel spreadsheets and consolidating it to send over to the development companies. TrueLine's Billing Module completely automates that process by integrating with the accounts receivable module in TrueLine's construction management system.

Now, one accounting staffer sets the billing information he wants the land development company to see and the Billing Module produces a billing electronically. Setting up a bill takes seconds instead of the 30 minutes to two hours it used to take.

Streamlined Here's a short list of TrueLine's Billing Module features.

  • Creates preliminary bills for management review before they are finalized.
  • Automatically journals sales to accounts receivable.
  • Maintains a complete history of original and replacement bills.
  • Supports backcharges, special billings, intercompany billings, and consolidated multi-company billings.
  • Supports multiple billing approaches within the same contract.
  • Offers bill reprint capability.