Poets & Quants' Jeff Schmitt takes a look at U.S. News and World Report's recently published collection of starting base salaries by function and school for the class of 2015, and determines what an MBA from the top schools nationwide translates to in terms of starting pay.

Divided by region, the list determined that 2015 Stanford grads averaged higher salaries than their Northeast, West, and Midwest peers. While the South favored Wharton grads, Harvard alums earned the most in the Mid-Atlantic and Southwest, as well as internationally.

Where you live ultimately shapes what you do, how much you earn, and how high you go. That’s no secret. MBA programs are creatures of their surroundings. New York and Los Angeles, for example, are artistic Meccas. Not surprisingly, Columbia Business School and UCLA’s Anderson School of Management have emerged as top programs for entertainment management and technology. The industry infrastructure and talent are only a few miles away from these programs.

Here are the breakdowns:

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