image via WalletHub
image via WalletHub

Being a doctor is one of the best-paid and most highly respected professions in the U.S. However, it is also a job that requires a huge investment in education and is subject to policy and demographic changes. The Affordable Care Act and the retirement of Baby Boomers, for example, are changing the landscape of the entire healthcare industry, creating new opportunities and challenges for doctors.

So, with that background, where are the best places for doctors to practice these days? WalletHub staffer Richie Bernardo and his team have an answer.

Bernardo and his colleagues compared data in 50 states and the District of Columbia based off 11 key metrics, including living-adjusted mean annual wage for physicians, levels of competition, levels of punitive state medical boards, malpractice award payout rates, and cost of malpractice liability insurance.

The top 10 states best for doctors in the U.S. are: Mississippi, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, Texas, Kansas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Alabama.

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