Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey

In a recent money advice column for Decatur Daily, Dave Ramsey, a financial consultant who has run columns and radio shows for more than 25 years, said tiny homes are a poor investment.

When a reader asked if paying cash upfront for her tiny home was a smart move, Ramsey simply replied, "I wouldn’t buy a tiny house at all."

From what I’ve seen, tiny houses also have a tiny demand and pretty narrow market appeal. Their appeal seems to be mostly for early adopters and people who think they’ll never be able to afford a house. That means they’re not going to have broad appeal when you get ready to sell them, either. And that creates a problem.

I could be wrong, though. I mean, if enough people buy tiny houses and they become a real part of our culture, then maybe they’ll do okay. But right now it’s an unproven product line and an unproven concept. So I wouldn’t buy a tiny house. Honestly, I wouldn’t even buy one at half of its current value because I’d be afraid it would drop to a fourth of its value. There’s just no proven record at this point of these things going up in value.

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