As exciting as new technology is, there are several conversations starting up around the world as to how we use it and what it could mean for the future of society. Pew Research Center pulled some recent data to find what are these key topics are and what are people's current views on those topics.

Topping the list privacy vs. security. With a nod to the tense fight between the federal government and Apple to unlock a suspected terrorist's iPhone, Pew Research found 51% of Americans believe the phone should be unlocked. However, others are concerned this could set a precedent for the government to enter anyone's smart devices.

Two other primary concerns included cord-cutters and the gig economy. An increasing number of Americans are cutting ties with their cable companies in favor of individual services where they can stream their entertainment. Eventually we could find the home living space could change drastically around how people choose to receive their content. As for the gig economy, the conversation centers around regulation on 'contract' works for companies like Uber. Research has shown the gig economy is increasing the inequality gap and making it harder for poorer Americans to make a living.

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