Homes in the 10 states with the highest "Well-Being Index" ranking are going to cost you much more than those in the 10 lowest-ranked states.

Each year, the pollsters at Gallup compile results from a series of surveys into their Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which tracks how Americans think about their overall quality of life.

The Orange County (Calif.) Register columnist Jonathan Lansner took the Well-Being Index ranking and added in some state-by-state housing stats to see what he would find.

The 10 states with the highest Well-Being Index ranking had an average listing price of $422,921 in March vs. $191,313 for the 10 lowest-ranked states a 121% gap between the perceived “best” American lifestyles and the worst.

And it’s a long-running trend: The 10 highest-rated states had an average 24% gain in home price since 2010 vs. a 12% gain for the 10 lowest-rated states.

Yes, you pay for quality of life.

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