Isn't it romantic?
image via WalletHubt

Clearly, money cannot buy love, but on Valentine's Day, one might think otherwise. A National Retail Federation study estimates that (astonishingly) lovebirds will spend a total of nearly $20 billion for this year's Valentine's Day. But for people on a tight budget, where would be the best place to celebrate this special day? WalletHub staffer Richie Bernardo and his team of experts sleuth out the 10 cities in the U.S. most conducive to romance on a shoe string.

Bernardo's team looks at a bunch of things that might affect the budget for Valentine's Day, including average price of Valentine's Day party tickets, restaurant meal costs, the number of jewelry store per capita, number of florists per capita, and weather forecast for Valentine's Day.

The top 10 cities for this year's Valentine's Day are: San Francisco, Calif., Scottsdale, Ariz., Honolulu, Hawaii, Orlando, Fla., Seattle, Wash., Las Vegas, Nev., Portalnd, Ore., Irvine, Calif., Chandler, Ariz., and Pittsburgh, Pa.

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