In the fast-paced world of New York City real estate every second counts. And since social media has become ubiquitous in recent years two friends launched a business showing off apartments for sale or rent across the city on the social media application Snapchat, reports CNBC staffer Lucy Handley.

Dolly Meckler and Michael Hoffman started Snaplistings, an account where four real estate agents show followers inside apartments on the market. Those looking to rent can send agents messages arranging viewings or challenge them to find apartments to suit their budget, location, and size needs.

"We both have friends who lost apartments in minutes just because their applications came in two minutes after somebody else's," Meckler told's James Wright. "So the beauty of Snaplistings is that you can DM agents in real time saying 'I want to come and see this place, where are you? I will come and meet you'."

Most of the leads come from lower-priced rentals given the Snapchat audience, but the account has also featured listings topping $6 million.

"The fun part about Snapchat is that it's whimsical, it's not super scary, and when people meet real estate agents for the first time it's a really scary feeling, you never know what they're going to look like, you don't know how they're going to act, they're usually in suits," [Hoffman] told Wright.

"This is the opposite, they have emojis floating on their heads, they have text written across the screen, it's super safe because you're watching it from your phone but you can also feel comfortable and engaged right after they've shown you their listing."

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