Earlier this spring, BUILDER ranked public builder CEO compensation for all builders that had already released their 2014 filings. While not all of these builders have a Chief Operating Officers on their executive brain trusts, those who do paid a pretty penny to their COOs in 2014. The 12 public home builders releasing COO pay show some pretty heady overall compensation, ranging from more than $16 million in total benefits to under $1 million. The range in compensation increases and decreases looking back to 2013 also includes compensation negative swings of around 60%, though nearly a quadrupling in benefits.

The top paid COO in 2014 was Lennar’s Jonathan Jaffe, who earned just over $16 million in total benefits, representing about a 30% spike in compensation over the prior year. In second came David Mandarich of M.D.C. Holdings, whose overall pay dropped nearly 60% from the previous year, but still left him with overall compensation close to $5 million. The highest salary spike went to The New Home Company’s Thomas Redwitz, who went from a total of $350,000 in compensation in 2013 to more than $1 million in 2014.