Toll Brothers Second Quarter 2012 Numbers

Quarter Two

Fiscal Year


$16.9 M +181%

$14.1 M +181%

Home Deliveries

671 +13.5%

1,235  +6.4%

New Orders

1,290 +47.8%

1,942 +36%


Behind the Numbers:

Toll Brothers’ second quarter was a come-back for the high-end builder. The numbers left its executives with high hopes. “The spring selling season has been the most robust and sustained since the downturn began,” said CEO Douglas C. Yearley Jr. in the earnings news release. “We believe we are benefiting from the release of five years of pent-up demand and reduced competition in our luxury niche.” After adding a few words of caution about events that could dampen results again, Yearley restated  his optimism:  “We are feeling better than we have at any time in the past five years.”

Toll’s fiscal year ends October 31.