The Ryland Group Third Quarter 2012 Numbers

Quarter Three

Nine Months


$10.7M +150%

$12M +122%

Home Deliveries

1,322 +30.2%

3,319 +28.3%

New Orders

1,507 +49.5%      

4,279 +40.8%


Behind the Numbers:

Ryland, which just last year was posting losses as it pulled out of some markets and began to reconfigure itself to meet the new market demand, has returned to solid profitability. If it hadn’t taken write-downs for the value of its land holdings and one for paying off debt early, it would have posted a $23.1 million profit in the third quarter.  Its sales, too, took off, besting by far its 2011 numbers.

The Ryland Group’s fiscal year ends Dec. 31.