PulteGroup Third Quarter 2012 Numbers

Quarter Three

Nine Months


$ 116.6 +176.6%

$147.4M +132.4%

Home Deliveries

4,418 +5.2%

11,351 +3.5%

New Orders

4,544 +5.2%        

10,569 +27.5%


Behind the Numbers:

PulteGroup’s earnings were its highest in six years. It also posted its highest sales backlog value since 2008. And its orders were up despite the fact that it had 7% fewer communities open. Pulte is arming itself with $1 billion for land buying this year. And, as many other public builders have done, it is buying back debt with higher interest rates and exchanging it for lower-cost debt.

PulteGroup's fiscal year ends Dec. 31.