PulteGroup Fourth Quarter 2012 Numbers

Quarter Four

Twelve Months


$ 58.7 M +325%

$147.4 M +1,980%

Home Deliveries

5,154 +19.8%

16,505 +8%

New Orders

3,926 +27.3%      

19,039 +25.1%


Behind the Numbers:

PulteGroup turned in a strong quarter and year-end results that show the company is operating more efficiently and generating strong cash flow and wider profit margins. Its home sales were hampered some for the year by 4% fewer communities to sell from, something PulteGroup plans to remedy in the new year as it adds an extra $250 million for land buys, boosting its total land budget to $1.2 billion. With $1.5 billion in cash in its bank and a low debt ratio, the company has plenty of financial power for expansion as the market improves. One cloud in the report was $32 million set aside to buy back home loans that went bad.

PulteGroup's fiscal year ended Dec. 31.