NVR Inc. Fourth Quarter 2012 Numbers

Quarter Four

Fiscal Year


$60.6 M +87.2%

$180.6 M +39.5%

Home Deliveries

2,788  +16.6%

9,843  +16.0%

New Orders

2,625  +21.6%

10,954  +18.5%


Behind the Numbers:

NVR showed a tidy profit jump in its fourth quarter and some nice increases in sales and orders as well. Still, some analysts question NVR’s ability to raise profits in the slower recovering markets where it does a lot of its businesses. Still, the company will see a bump in Pittsburgh in the new year in the wake of its purchase of Heartland, the second biggest builder in town. The purchase boosted its Pittsburgh market share from 35% to 60%.


NVR’s 2012 fiscal year ended December 31.

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