M/I Homes Fourth Quarter 2012 Numbers

Quarter Four

Twelve Months


$5 M +268.5%

$13.3  +139.4%

Home Deliveries

887 +33%

2,765  +21.4%

New Orders

673 +33.3%         

2,765  +26.8%


Behind the Numbers:

M/I Homes had a strong fourth quarter, accounting for close to a third of the company’s full-year profit. The sales helped boost the company’s margin to 19.5%. CEO Robert H. Schottenstein credited the improved performance to newer communities and the company’s strategic geographic shift, including a move into the strong Texas market. As a result, the company ended the year with the highest sales backlog it has had in units and dollars since 2006.

M/I Homes’ fiscal year ended Dec. 31.