KB Home Fourth Quarter 2011 Numbers

Quarter Four

Fiscal Year


$13.9 M -20%

($178.8 M) -158%

Home Deliveries

1,995  +4%

5,812  -20.9%

New Orders

1,494 +37.7%

6,632 +1.2%


Behind the Numbers:

It was a bleak year for KB Home, but its fourth quarter showed some hope that, at least in the sales department, things may be starting to turn around. The company turned a net profit in the quarter, and its year-end backlog at 2,156 was the highest it has been since 2008. The poor year, debt repayments, and resolving its obligations in a bankrupt Las Vegas land deal called South Edge cost the company dearly. On Nov. 30 KB Home had $414 million in cash, less than half the $904 million it had last year. Resolution of the South Edge deal cost $251.9 million.

KB Home’s fourth quarter and fiscal year ended November 30.

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